Are you driven to bring your Sacred Work to life in a big way in the world?

Are you wanting to birth a passion or dream into being but are unsure where to begin?

Are you feeling stuck or blocked some way in your existing work?

Are you needing clarity and confidence allowing you to shift your sacred work to the next level?

Are you wanting to develop your intuitive abilities like a super power enabling them to guide you in every aspect of your life and Sacred Work?

Are you ready to commit to your soulful longing?

I get how challenging and scary putting yourself out there is. I also know how it will eat you up if you don’t do it at all.

During the years of focusing on my work I have experienced all stages and levels of stepping to the edge and know first hand about self sabotage, low confidence and feeling paralyzed with fear. I know what it’s like to feel terrified of being judged and of falling flat.

What I have learnt from coming out the other side of all of this struggle is that through knowing ourselves…truly knowing ourselves on the level of the soul is when we are able to move forward. That is when we are able to express ourselves and our work in ways which feel deliciously authentic.

There is no one way of sharing your work with the world. You must find your own unique voice, you must listen to your heart and the intuitive nudges which never seem to let up and when you do everything will begin to shift.

I am so excited to share with you this soulful, intuitive and creative way of birthing your SoulFire into the world. I know that you have something special to share through your wisdom, passions and life experiences.

By tapping into your heart space, your soul and the divine through creative practices, journaling and visioning you can align to your SoulFire in ways which feel like an exact reflection of who you are. This allows for a level of being within your life and passions which is incredibly authentic and natural.

You will learn to bring forth your Sacred Work in your own unique way. You will learn that you don’t need to follow the mind numbing strategies that are preached. No…this is the old and soon to become antiquated teachings of the past.

I offer you the freedom to explore your inner world, to stretch and grow and to courageously step to the edge of your fears, being seen and to trust your heart.

I offer you the support needed to begin taking action in your Sacred Work, to remove self limiting blocks which we all face and to begin creating momentum towards confidence and clarity.

What Is The SoulFire Mentorship Program?

The SoulFire Mentorship Program was created to support YOU the soulful woman as you bring your heart based work to the world in ways which are as uniquely creative and authentic as you are.

Through creative processes you will learn to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your work and who you’re meant to serve. You will discover ways of connecting to your inner wisdom for intuitive guidance. This inner guidance is what I call your super power and one of the best ways of activating it is through colour and form. Exploring your work this way opens up new channels of consciousness and allows you to see possibilities and magic that you never new existed.

The SoulFire Mentorship Program will have you vision a new way of creating and sharing your sacred work with the world. It will allow you a period of time to not only do the inner work but to also create something tangible of your choosing. This can be a small offering or it can be a series of offerings or it could be your signature offer. I will be there to guide you as you choose what you would like to birth into the world and I will be available to mentor you throughout the process.

The combination of doing the inner work and also combining it with tangible action will begin to create an environment of momentum and momentum will create confidence in yourself and your SoulFire.

Simple creative practices along side our sacred work allow access to new streams of consciousness and inspiration. They offer a glimpse into infinite magic and possibilities for our life and work.

What are the monthly themes during our time together?


Rediscovering your essence, your gifts and your passions. This is where we dig deep into your uniqueness, your life experiences and how they contribute to and mold your sacred work.


Building the foundation for yourself and for your Sacred Work and connecting with your community and their needs in meaningful ways.


What do you feel inspired to create? During this module you will gain clarity on the most foundational elements of your work and you will be prepared to birth offers from your passions and the needs of your community.


Taking action, being seen and releasing limiting beliefs allowing you to shift into empowerment. During this module you will discover that the inner work is an ongoing process offering relief from the false truths which often block forward momentum if left unchecked.


The heart is the core of you, your Sacred Work and those you are meant to support. Developing the practice of nurturing all elements of your thoughts, words and actions from a place of love and compassion is key for stoking the flames of your SoulFire.


Discovering the authentic language of your sacred work insuring that you connect effectively with your community in ways which will resonate with them and that will also feel deliciously authentic to you.


The art of trusting and developing your intuition as a super power by nurturing the connection to your SoulFire. Intuition is something that we must not only learn to listen to but we are also then required to develop the courage to follow the nuggets of wisdom which are gifted to us.


The celebration of you as an empowered femininepreneur as you vision your sacred work moving forward. By now you will have done the inner work in stoking your SoulFire, you will have developed clarity and confidence and you will also have created momentum by taking inspired action. It is time to look into your heart for guidance moving forward. What will your next steps be?

Your Investment In Your SoulFire…

What elements will be included within the SoulFire Mentorship Program?

8 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

We will connect in the frequency of your choosing to make sure that you are moving forward and to support you in areas that you are specifically needing guidance whether it be mindset, strategy messaging etc.

8 Creative SoulFire Sessions

Create, connect and become inspired in colour shape and form. These creative processes will be available to you using very simple supplies to help deepen your understanding of each modules theme. This is such a fun and enlightening way of bringing your sacred work to life.

8 SoulFire Modules

The 8 modules will be delivered as a series of recordings, audios and pdf worksheets all housed within a beautiful ebook which will be yours to keep and refer back to whenever desired.

Unlimited Email Access To Me

I know that between our sessions questions will arise so I will always be available to you by email.

The SoulFire Community

Within the SoulFire private FB circle we will gather together to lean on each other when we’re needing support and to cheer each other on as we move forward. We will share our experiences each month and I will be there to support you every step of the way. You will have access to this private fb group indefinitely.

Who is the SoulFire Mentorship Program for?

~ This program is dedicated to those who would like to embrace a more feminine way of expressing their sacred work. They desire to create and share using their intuition and to be able to listen inward for their own wisdom and guidance.

~ This program is for soulful femininepreneurs who are wanting to commit to their vision of their Sacred Work.

~ This program is for those who are passionate about the change they wish to bring to the collective consciousness.

~ It is for those who want to create their Sacred Work in ways which feel truly authentic and aligned with supporting others.

~ It is for those women who feel uncomfortable in the male based, one size fits all type of business building model.

~ It is for those who are wanting to explore creative practices in their Sacred Work as a way of opening themselves to new and abundant ways of thinking.

Your Investment In Your SoulFire…

Do I need an online business for this program?

No, you do not. This mentoring program is equally suited to those with brick and mortar businesses, home based businesses or online businesses. The fundamentals are the same for each of these. I have had experience within each of these ways of doing business and have gained wisdom for each.

Is this program geared more for artists?

No it is for anyone who is willing to explore their work using creativity. It adds an invaluable layer enabling you to deepen your understanding of yourself, your life and your Sacred Work.

Will this program teach technology?

No, it won’t. You will need to be open to learn whichever systems are required for your Sacred Work. When I first began my online journey I didn’t even know how to tag someone in FB. My skill was incredibly low and I decided that I would do whatever it would take to learn and I did. Trust me it is possible:)

How long will I have access to the mentoring program modules?

The modules that you receive will be yours to keep so that you can refer back to them indefinitely.

I am just beginning to think about diving into my sacred work. Do I need an existing business to get the most out of this program?

Beginning with this program as you are birthing your Sacred Work would be perfect for laying a foundation geared towards doing the inner work paired with tangible steps moving forward.

I feel like I’ve been at this for awhile and am wondering if I would be waisting my time moving through these fundamental steps again.

I am always reviewing and deepening my understanding of myself and of my Sacred Work. Revisiting these monthly themes are wonderful for sparking new insights and inspiration. Also having 1:1 mentorship over an extended time period will be invaluable for support and growth.

Have a question or would you like to connect to make sure this is the right program for you? Let me know and I’ll get right back to you!