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Oh, Jackie, where do I start? Your energy is so quiet and steady; it does not interfere with process; there is no rescue in it, meaning there is such high trust in it that it felt like a guardrail for my core- like I could swing wider in my arcs knowing your quiet energy was just ‘there.’ Never have I been facilitated so delicately, respectfully and with such room to breathe. My mind, although pretty quiet anyway, just zoned into attending to the nuances of my experience.

The priestess process for me refined my ability to listen to myself; I can now hear whispers when before I could hear only my inner quiet voice. I can now feel the presence of my high standards, of my personal honor; I can now feel the feelings of when I am tempted to settle, for anything. I can feel my being in me because you gave it room to express itself without language, in images . I didn’t know that other language of image could work in me like this

Since the workshop only 3 weeks ago, I have travelled miles and miles and miles. You see, your process brought to me a common factor that has pulled me off path all my life: chaos, self-defined. It’s in my silverware drawer: too many spoons; in my china cabinet in the ‘might need it sometime’; in my friendships, one or two still had me settling for disrespect; it’s in my keys on my table (I now have all new keychains and will label)… it’s in my journals and writing, my energy having been spread around thinly.

The intent of my painting was to have ‘all my power in one place.’ And I can actually feel this process, as I organize and clean, as I dispense with and claim, my centre of gravity is lower, I can withstand higher winds, but I am reconfiguring my world so that few will knock me off my feet.

Please email me with any work you are offering.

I would be so delighted to work with you again.